FEN Chitose

( see also FEN Hokkaido )

For a look at the early days of operations at FEN Hokkaido (circa 1953) follow this link to Bruce Copeland's collection.

These pictures were provided by Tom Thornburg of WWBF - AM in Bartow, Florida. Except for the first two, the rest of these pictures originally appeared in the January 1965 issue of The Chitose Courier, an "authorized Army journal publshed monthly by and for the personnel of Kuma Station." It is with deep gratitude to Tom Thornburg and the men and women of the 12th US ASA Field Station that we present these materials. Please note the individual photo credits as indicated.

Tom was also kind enough to provide the text of the article from The Chitose Courier describing the 1964 Discathon aired on FEN-Chitose.

Dick Hiner, Station Manager of FEN Chitose, 1965-1966, made a trip to Japan in 2000 and provided us with some great pictures of the changes in Chitose.   Click here to view his pictures and comments.

Looking for more information on Chitose?  Check out the pages from the ASA Chitose Association.

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This 1963 photo pictures Tom Thornburg and Dick Dowdell doing a broadcast from STV - Sapporo. The pair hosted a program to stimulate English conversation.


Tom Thornburg is the man behind this collection of FEN - Chitose memories! Did we all look this young in 1962? Tom now owns and operates, along with his wife Susan and son Jeff, WWBF - AM 1130 Bartow, Florida.


TSgt Larry Warner, NCOIC of the FEN, facilities at Chitose became involved in the Discathon mood when some of his friends gave a pledge if Warner would get a crew cut. He did.


Airman Emmett Alston participated in his final Discathon at Chitose. He has departed for the University of Southern California to pursue a degree in the radio and television field.


Army Specialist Tim Price is a volunteer worker for the station and is involved in both radio and television work. He devoted several hours of his time to work on the Discathon show. (Sp4 Bob Strike photos)


The perfect winter wear for those persons camping out in the snow is being modeled by Headquarters Company Commander, Captain Fishman and 1st Sergeant Ennis. Their campout was the result of a $100 Discathon pledge raised by company personnel. (PFC Cohen Photo)


Volunteer workers helped by answering the telephones and tabulating the incoming pledges. Seen left to right are PFC Huggins, Sp4 Johnson, Sp5 Truitt, Sp4 Berman, Sp4 Ross and PFC Bourdon. The enlisted men worked during the evening and early morning hours.


The Barber of Chitose, Captain Parker, carefully shaves off the mustache of Post Commander William J. Clark, as Mrs. Clark watches the proceedings. Mrs. Clark had never before seen her husband with. out his mustache. Over $200 was pledged for this deed. (Middle and bottom photo by I Sp4 Bob Strike)


Airman Tom Thornburg, standing, makes a last minute check of pledge requests before taking over his segment of the Discathon from Specialist Jack Hayward. A volunteer helper has just handed Hayward a record and request slip.


All of the thousands of records on file are listed in the card catalog. Mrs. Robinson is checking on a request slip to see if the song is in stock and where it is located, while PFC Ken McCallister sorts through several records.



During the day, women on post volunteered their services to answer phones and handle all the necessary paper work. Seated, left to right, are Mrs. Phillips, Mrs. Ebersole at the typewriter, Mrs. Wimberley and Mrs. Ronneberg. Standing left to right are Mrs. Royle, Noe, and Jacobi. (PFC Cohen Photos)



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