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In the earliest days of FEN, there was no Chitose studio.  Operations for Hokkaido were located in Sapporo and used the callsign WLKD.   The original frequency appears to have been 1420 kilocycles.   Records show that in the earliest days, the operation was authorized at 7,000 watts of power (a different source lists 3,000 watts). 

After the move to Camp Crawford, the operation became known as FEN Hokkaido.  The transmitters themselves were located in Sapporo (1410 kilocycles with 250 watts) and the Chitose relay (1480 kilocycles with 250 watts.)

Thanks to Bruce Copeland and the guys that were at Camp Crawford circa 1952 & 1953, we have quite a collection of photos and other items.  Click here to view this wonderful collection

Just a bit later, A1C Jim Hill was the records librarian at FEN Hokkaido circa May 1954 to October 1955.  The station was located at Camp Crawford with the 1st Cav and the Japanese Self Defense Force (JSDF).

The most popular music shows, as Jim recalls, were:   "Music in the Bright Spot" and "Hokkaido Hayride."

Joining Jim at FEN Hokkaido were Millard Van Deusen, Pete Christensen, Ernie Martin (USAF), Perry Gerstein, Eddie Briggs (USN), Al Mason, Maurice Fidler, Dave Lichtenstein, and 1Lt Jim Johnson (USA)  Early in 1955, Camp Crawford was turned over to the JSDF.  1st Cav moved out and FEN moved to Chitose.

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