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Welcome to our "lost and found" pages.   If you have a picture related to FEN but can not identify the person, place, or time, why not send it to us and we'll post it here.

wallycorrell.jpg (39331 bytes)To start us off, here are some great pictures from S/Sgt. Wallace "Wally" Correll who was at the FEN Tokyo studios circa 1951-1953.  That's Wally smiling at us on the right side of this page :-)

If you can help, be sure and refer to the picture by its archive number so we know which picture you are identifying.

Photo WC1 -- see Photo WC14
Photo WC2 -- see Photo WC15
Photo WC3 -- see Photo WC17
Photo WC4 -- see Photo WC16

Photo WC5

wc5.jpg (65676 bytes)

Photo WC6

wc6.jpg (62452 bytes)

more "lost and found" photos

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