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Tom Korzeniowski has gotten the ball rolling with several pictures from his stint in Misawa circa 1957 to 1958.

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The large group above is the entire staff of FEN Misawa partying at the Korzeniowski house at Misawa. That's Army Lt. Dick Hiner on the left. Tom is in the back row (fourth from the right) waving a chicken leg, or something.

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Tom describes the picture above as "The youngest Polish DJ in captivity in '57. My, how our looks do change with the years!"


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Here is Army Specialist Joe Popielarski (Tom notes: a very talented DJ) and his wife Kikue, Tom's wife Toshie and Tom on the right.

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Here's Tom complete with his FEN arm band at a community event in Misawa-shi where he and others did some recording for broadcast.

For some more general information on Misawa, check out this site.

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