Sounds of FEN - 1950 Okinawa



WXLH - 1950 - Okinawa

1260 kHz

250 Watts

We now have a bit of an insight into some of the earlier operations of FEN in Okinawa -- WXLH.  The following pictures came from the personal collection of Louis Osborne who passed away in early 2002.  :Louis was in charge of the station circa 1950.  The photos are all official U.S. Army Photographs marked on the back as "Ryuku Command Public Information Office."

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The caption attched by RYCOM PIO reads:   "Pictured above is radio technician, Choko Fukuyama, of Shuri, Okinawa and Okinawan employee of AFRS Okinawa.  Choko handles the controls that bring us our short wave news broadcast.  If the newscast does not come in clear on one channel, Choko switches to another, eliminating interrupted broadcast."

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No caption -- just the notation on the back "Rycom 50-2973"

jimoki3.jpg (22768 bytes)

No caption -- notation on the back "Rycom 50 - 2975"

jimoki4.jpg (18202 bytes)

No caption -- notation on the back "Rycom 50 - 2976

haentszchel.jpg (78255 bytes)

Mr. W Haentszchel -- Program Director checking master schedule

dean.jpg (67142 bytes)

Right: Charlie Dean -- Chief Engineer 1949

engineers.jpg (68550 bytes)

Contains the note:  "Some of my gang -- radio engineers at AFRS" (Rycom 50-3067)

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WXLH Okinawa schedule for January 27, 1950 as it appeard in the Pacific Stars and Stripes

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