FEN Roll Call



Are you looking for a friend from your FEN days? The FEN Roll Call search engine allows you to search a database of visitors to this site and those who have been mentioned in posts from others. There are currently more than 300 unique entries.

No claims are made for the accuracy of this information. If you find incorrect or incomplete information or would like to have your own listing removed from this database, please send email to the webmaster for this site.

This feature is available only to registered users. If you do not have a login and password for this feature and are an FEN alum and would like to use this feature, please include your name, the FEN studio(s) you were affiliated with, your branch of service, and the years you were part of FEN. You should also include a brief description of your duties with FEN and any other contact information you feel you want to share.

Registered users are able to search the database by Last Name, First Name, Branch of Service, Station, Year, or Comments.

(registered users only)



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