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"First we go north . . ."


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The Far East Network is much more than just network headquarters in the Tokyo area. In fact, it is service to the hinterlands and the troops that were the most difficult to reach that gives AFRTS, FEN, and the other units around the world the proud heritage we all share.

Don Cotterell (dcotterell@hotmail.com) writes: "I was Stationed at Beautiful Wakkanai by the sea from about 68 to 71... Wakkaini, truly the "Edge of the World" and the most ambrosial place I've ever been. The Dozo birds (Crows) were bigger than eagles and the snow got higher than the bus we had to ride in at wintertime... I came along after "UNK'l AL" and the kids dubbed me as , yes you guessed it, "Unk'l Don"... I got to do the country music in the morning and the news in the evening. We actually simulcasted Japanese TV and furnished live audio from our studios for that great moon landing.

"I had the old reel to reel out last week and I ran across some of the songs we came up with while there. The Dozo Bird, Wakkanai By The Sea, Chain of Command, Rubber Ducky and I think there are a couple more on there."

Our thanks to Don for his unique contributions to our living history of FEN Wakkanai.


These pictures were provided by David Lynch and Jim Burwell. David's Dad, MSgt. Al Lynch, a.k.a. "Uncle Al," was the NCOIC at FEN Wakkanai from 1966 to 1968. He was also the morning DJ for the morning country music show on FEN Wakkanai.

Jim Burwell was a friend and colleague of David's Dad, and a great FEN Wakkanai aficionado.

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JIM BURWELL (grash@wf.quik.com) reports about his time at Wakkanai:

"Although we were way up North in Wakkanai, FEN Wakkanai was one of the best assignments that a person could wish for in AFRTS. I spent 49 months at Wakkanai and enjoyed it more than any assignment I had in 28 years in the Air Force. Far East Network Wakkanai was more than just entertainment for the troops at Wakkanai, it was a way of life.

"The military community needed the diversion, and it was provided. The Radio and TV supplied by the Wakkanai outlet was necessary and we had a great bunch of people supplying the talent and humor. When the snow was 180 inches deep, it was nice to have a TV to turn on and stay inside. I hope to hear from some of the people stationed at Wakkanai both with the 6986th and FEN."


FEN Country Music Programming with MSGT Al Lynch.


August 1966 Wakkanai Studio Building


Don Cotterell reading the news.


Don Cotterell at the camera.


Don Cotterell playing a few tunes for the folks


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