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July 21, 2003

Fellow FENers,

So much for my good intentions :-(  It's been almost a year since this "regular feature" has had an addition.  Such is the life of a tenure-seeking professor of communication.  It's been a very rewarding and productive year for me at my "real job" working on some AFRS and FEN related scholarly journal articles I hope to tell you more about "real soon now."    I also have articles appearing in the new "Encyclopedia of Radio" due out this fall as well as the "Internet Encyclopedia."   I'm also very much involved in the development of college courses for online (Internet) delivery.   It all adds up to a pretty busy schedule.

You may recall that last year (Summer 2002)  I had the good fortune of meeting Larry Lujack and Bill Murray at the Illinois Broadcasters Association annual convention.  I didn't think I could top that as one of my "kid dreams come true."  Top it or not, I certainly equalled it.  It was my pleasure to meet Dick Orkin (you know him as Chicken Man and the Tooth Fairy) and his associate Chris Coyle.  This was again at the IBA convention held in Springfield this year.  I attended a wonderful radio advertising production workshop where Dick and Chris shared a few of their secrets for creative production.

The stories that you, the men and women of FEN, continue to share with me and the visitors to this website are a daily inspiration for me.   Perhaps one day I'll win the lottery and be able to devote more time to this, my passion for preserving the history of FEN.

Until next time...



--Jim Grubbs,
   Far East Network, Tokyo 1966 - 1968


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