The Reviews Are In

Military Lifestyle Magazine notes that:

"APO San Francisco 96525: Growing Up in the Military is a fascinating book about the lives of armed forces dependents. Author Jim Grubbs, himself a former Air Force dependent, combines his own experiences and the result of over 100 interviews to create a book of reminiscences and anecdotes about the unusual and mobile lifestyle of military dependents. The book also includes tips on how to locate friends from DoDDs schools or organize reunions."

Ann Crawford, Publisher, Military Living Magazine says:

"You'll Enjoy This Book! Jim Grubbs, an Air Force dependent who graduated from Chofu High School in Japan in 1967, is the author of APO San Francisco 96525: Growing Up In The Military."

"Through interviews and surveys, Jim gathered the experiences and feelings of men and women who grew up as military dependents. In an entertaining and informative style, he narrates a wide range of stories that tell not only what it was like, but how military living affects children for their entire lifetimes. His research has shown that former "military brats" often have a feeling of isolation from their civilian counterparts."

Joe Condrill, Publisher, Overseas Brats Magazine writes:

"At different times in his life, Jim's asked the same questions other military dependents ask about themselves - "Who am I?" "Where do I belong?" "Why am I different from other people?"

"APO San Francisco 96525 explores these questions in depth, without sounding like a research project for a master's thesis or a doctoral dissertation. While the book is autobiographical, Jim shows the mark of a master writer by getting the reader to meditate on his or her heritage. I found it personally useful to read a couple of chapters a day, then put the book aside and reflect on how I reacted to certain situations he discussed. Jim is an astute observer."

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